Thiết bị điều khiển, kiểm soát nhiệt độ Fireye - Nhà cung cấp Fireye Việt Nam

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Đại lý Fireye tại Việt Nam
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Bộ giám sát ngọn lửa

Đại lý phân phối Fireye, chuyên cung cấp thiết bị của hãng Fireye tại Việt Nam, bộ điều khiển ngọn lửa, bộ giám sát ngọn lửa, thiết bị kiểm soát ngọn lửa, Fireye Vietnam

Thiết bị điều khiển, kiểm soát nhiệt độ Fireye - Nhà cung cấp Fireye Việt Nam

Đại lý Fireye chính hãng tại Việt Nam | Fireye Vietnam

Nexus NXF4000 Parallel Positioning

The Nexus® NXF4000 model offers integrated burner management with an electronic parallel positioning and O2 trim combustion control system


  • Increased Efficiency
  • Reduce fuel consumption
  • Reduce emissions & Greenhouse gases
  • Reduce downtime & maintenance

Model : NXF4000 Fireye

Nexus PPC4000 Parallel Positioning

The Fireye® PPC4000 is a state of the art parallel positioning system for all types of liquid or gaseous fuel fired combustion systems

When combined with a Fireye flame safeguard system such as the BurnerLogix™ control, the PPC4000 offers a compact parallel positioning system.

Model : PPC4000 Fireye

Nexus 6100 Integrated Parallel Positioning

The Nexus® NX6100 Integrated Controller is a microprocessor based, Flame Safeguard and parallel positioning combustion controller built into one compact, user configurable package.

The Fireye® NX6100 supports up to 10 servomotors and has an optional 10.4" touchscreen display to show boiler operations and simplify the commissioning process

Model : NX6100 Fireye

Nexus PPC6000 Parallel Positioning

  • Three levels of multifunction vacuum fluorescent displays
  • Four Fuel Profiles
  • Up to ten 24 volt servo motors
  • Wide range of servo motors; 3, 10, 15, 37 ft/lb
  • CanBus two wire communication simplifies servo and display wiring
  • Optional O2 Trim, Optional Variable Frequency Drive

Model : PPC6000 Fireye

Nexus NXEXP300 Water Level Control

The NXEXP300 expands the capability of the parallel positioning system by adding valuable safety rated digital inputs, sequence draft control, boiler water level control and total dissolved solids (TDS) surface and bottom blow down control. The small (5”L x 8.5”W x 3.75H) footprint, adjustable voltage (120/230, 50/60 hz.) and simplified wiring provide easy retrofit to existing Fireye systems

Model :  NXEXP300 Fireye

Nexus NXM2G Efficiency Control

The Nexus® NXM2G system is an intelligent microprocessor based boiler load optimization control system designed to reduce energy costs by providing optimum thermal efficiency of low-temperature hot water boilers

Model : NXM2G Fireye

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