Đồng hồ đo áp suất TP400 PCI Instrument

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Đại lý PCI Instrument Việt Nam
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Đồng hồ đo áp
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Công Ty Tăng Minh Phát - Đại lý phân phối thiết bị PCI Instrument chính hãng tại Việt Nam

Đồng hồ đo áp suất TP300 PCI Instrument

Đại lý phân phối PCI Instrument tại Việt NamPCI Instrument Vietnam

TP300 PCI Instrument | Đồng hồ áp suất PCI Instrument

Full Safety Pattern Gauge | TP400 ( Tetropress 400 )

  • Vacuum to 1,600 bar
  • Dial sizes 100, 150 mm
  • Dry/Liquid Filled
  • Stainless Steel or Monel wetted parts
  • Full Safety Pattern
  • ATEX version available

The pressure gauges series TP400 ( Tetropress 400 ) feature a solid front between the bourdon tube and dial and include a blowout back to allow any blast to release to the rear of the gauge. Full safety pattern type gauges are often used on gas and steam applications in excess of 25 bar to prevent any danger in case the bourdon tube might rupture

  • Mounting: type A bottom connection, direct mounting type D back connection, direct mounting type E panel mounting, back connection

  • Ranges: see table at page 2

  • Overpressure: +30% F.S. for range up to 60 bar

                                         +15% F.S. for ranges from 100 to 600 bar

                                         +10% F.S .for ranges from 1000 bar

  • Accuracy: class 1, acc. to EN837 at 20°C

  • Ambient temperature limit: -30/+60°C

  • Fluid temperature limit: -30/+100°C element in 316L

  • Temperature error: 0,035%/°C in range 0/60°C

  • Construction acc. to ATEX directive 94/9/EC , gr.II cat. 2GDc (on request)

  • Construction according to PED directive 97/23/EC (on request)


  • Diameters: 100-150 mm

  • Case and ring: st. st. 304, bayonet type ring

  • Protection degree: IP65

  • Window: safety glass

  • Movement: st. st., reinforced

  • Dial: aluminium with black numerals on white background

  • Pointer: aluminium, black painted, adjustable

  • Blow out: neoprene, upper

  • Sensing element: Bourdon tube type, with “C” form for pressure ≤60 bar, helical wound for pressure ≥ 60 bar

  • Element material : AISI 316L, MONEL 400

  • Socket material: AISI 316L, MONEL 400

  • Connection dimension: ½” BSPM or NPTM

  • Construction according to PED directive 97/23/EC (on request)

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