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Nhà cung cấp Rotork Việt Nam

Nhà phân phối Van Rotork tại Việt Nam

TMP Vietnam - Hân hạnh là nhà phân phối thiết bị Rotork tại thị trường Việt Nam

Rotork có trụ sở chính đặt tại Anh ( UK) chuyên cung cấp thiết bị và giải pháp dùng trong công nghiệp, đặc biệt là các thiết bị kiểm soát dòng chảy. Rotork nổi lên như một nhà sản xuất van công nghiệp hàng đầu : van truyền động, van servo, van thủy lực ...


1. Electric Actuators

Rotork Controls is the home of the flagship IQ intelligent electric actuator range. The IQ range features legendary innovations including Rotork's unique double-sealed enclosure, ‘non-intrusive' infrared commissioning, datalogging and predictive maintenance capabilities. More recent innovations include the advanced display, Bluetooth® communications interface and absolute encoder.

a. Sizing Guide

b. IQ3 Range - 3rd Generation | Actuator Rotork

  • New intuitive user interface

  • Advanced dual stacked display with configurable datalogger functionality

  • Toughened glass screen plus optional environmental shield

  • Setting tool with secured Bluetooth® connection

  • High reliability, solid-state controls (multi-turn variants)

  • Reduced internal wiring and connections

  • Simplified torque sensor (multi-turn variants)

  • Simple and robust absolute position sensor with high reliability and accuracy

  • New thrust base design (multi-turn variants)

  • Separable gearbox/thrust base across the range (multi-turn variants)

  • Advanced real-time status reporting

  • IQ range actuators can be supplied with a fully engineered plug and socket interface to provide fast connection and disconnection in the field

c. CK

  • Modular design providing flexibility and configurability to suit your application
  • Safe motor-independent handwheel operation available at all times
  • Suitable for high temperature and strong vibration environments using separately mounted controls
  • Fast and efficient maintenance and commissioning due to plug and socket connections
  • Oil bath lubrication for extended life and mounting in any orientation
  • Local operation, configuration and commissioning with Centronik module, close coupled or remotely mounted up to 100 m from actuator
  • IP68 8 m for 96 hours - double-sealing as standard
  • Rapid and secure commissioning and configuration using local controls or setting tool
  • Increased protection by using independent torque and position sensing
  • Data extraction for analysis, diagnostics and asset management
  • Continuous mechanical valve position indication even without power
  • Hollow output drive to accept rising valve stems
  • Detachable thrust and non-thrust base options
  • Direct output torque range: 10 - 500 Nm (7 - 369 lbf.ft)
  • Max. torque with multi-turn gearbox: 10,800 Nm (8,000 lbf.ft)
  • Max. torque with quarter-turn gearbox: 205,600 Nm (151,6000 lbf.ft)

d. AWT Range

Torque range 14 to 3,000 Nm (10 to 2,200 lbf.ft) direct drive, up to 250,000 Nm (185,000 lbf.ft) part-turn and up to 40,800 Nm (30,000 lbf.ft) multi-turn (rotary).

  • 3-phase power supply
  • Oil bath lubricated IP68 double-sealed option
  • Complete integral motor control or customer supplied motor control
  • Isolating and regulating duty
  • Separate motor control available where required (syncroset actuator)
  • Modulating syncroset option available

e. Q

  • Torque range 40 to 406 Nm (30 to 300 lbf.ft).
  • 1-phase power supply
  • Rugged compact, double-sealed
  • Positive travel limitation through externally adjustable mechanical stops
  • Marine option
  • Simple remote control for basic applications

f. ROM

  • Small, compact & lightweight
  • Manual override
  • Externally adjustable mechanical stops*
  • IP68 (10m / 100 hours)
  • 12/24 VDC, 110/220 VAC 1-phase and 220/380/440 VAC 3-phase, 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Position indication via local mechanical indicator
  • -30 to +70 ºC (-22 to +158 ºF) operation

g. ROMpak

  • Small, compact & lightweight
  • Manual override
  • Externally adjustable mechanical stops*
  • Local control unit (local/remote, on/off)
  • Status relays
  • Phase rotation correction
  • IP68 (10m / 100 hours)
  • 12/24 VDC, 110/220 VAC 1-phase and 220/380/440 VAC 3-phase, 50 Hz and 60 Hz
  • Position indication via local mechanical indicator and LEDs

h. 400 Series

400 Series electric actuators use the reliable Planetary Torque Control System (PTCS), providing a highly efficient actuator.

i. PAX1

  • IP rating Type 4X / Type 6P / IP66 / IP68
  • FM explosionproof
  • Temperature range: -40 to +80 ºC (-40 to +176 ºF)
  • Low power consumption less than 1 Watt during standby, which is ideal for installations in isolated locations
  • Optional isolated 4-20 mA position feedback
  • Overall stroke and alarm limits are defined by end user

k. Schischek

Schischek electric explosionproof products for heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) for industrial and offshore applications. Developed in conjunction with other control equipment to produce modern, reliable and proven explosionproof products utilising the latest technology.

l. Fire Protection

Rotork has the experience, know-how and product range to deliver virtually any actuation solution. Rotork products have long been chosen for their reliability and performance. Whilst these proven characteristics are certain under normal operating conditions, there are conditions that not even a standard Rotork actuator can operate in fire.

Model : PUB000-004 Rotork

2. Fluid Power Actuators

  • GT
  • GTS
  • Remote Control Range
  • K-TORK
  • Type K Damper Drives
  • CP
  • 4P/4H
  • GP/GH
  • LP/LH
  • RH
  • GO
  • ELB Line Break Detection System
  • HPG
  • Skilmatic
  • ACS
  • Subsea
  • Masso Marine VRC Systems
  • CQ
  • manPOWER
  • HPU
  • Certification
  • Fluid Power Legacy Products

3. Process Control Actuators

  • CMA Range
  • CVA Range
  • LA-2000
  • SM-1700/SM-5000
  • SM-6000
  • Process Control Legacy Products

IQM - Modulating

IQM - Modulating

IQM - Modulating Multi-Turn Actuator 

IQML - Linear Modulating

IQML - Linear Modulating

IQML - Linear Modulating Multi-Turn Actuator 

IQS - 1-Phase

IQS - 1-Phase

IQS - 1-Phase Multi-turn Actuator 

IQD - Direct Current (DC)

IQD - Direct Current (DC)

IQD - Direct Current (DC) Multi-turn Actuator 

IQT - Part-Turn

IQT - Part-Turn

IQTM - Part-Turn Modulating

IQTM - Part-Turn Modulating

IQTF - Full-Turn

IQTF - Full-Turn

CK – Standard isolating duty actuator

CK – Standard isolating duty actuator

CK – Standard isolating duty actuator 

CKR – Standard modulating duty actuator

CKR – Standard modulating duty actuator

CKR – Standard modulating duty actuator 

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