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Nhà phân phối Metrix Việt Nam

Công Ty Tăng Minh Phát - Chuyên phân phối thiết bị Metrix Vibration chính hãng tại Việt Nam

TMP VIETNAM - Nhà phân phối thiết bị hãng Metrix tại Việt Nam

Metrix Vibration Vietnam

Metrix Vibration được thành lập từ năm 1965, có trụ sở chính đặt tại USA, chuyên cung cấp cảm biến, cảm biến rung, cáp, metrix Seismic vibration transmitter, Metrix Mechanical Vibration Switch

1. Proximity

a. Digital Proximity System

  • MX2033 3-Wire Driver : Dynamic Voltage Output (mV/mm or mV/mil)
  • MX2030 Probe Series : 5 & 8mm tip diameter probes. Available in 5 and 9 meter system lengths
  • MX2031 Cable Series : Extension cable available in 4, 4.5, 8 and 8.5 meters.
  • MX2034 4-20 mA Transmitter
  • MX8030 Proximity Probe
  • MX8031 Extension Cables
  • TightView™ Proximity System

b. Drivers Metrix

  • MX2033 3-Wire Driver
  • 5533 Probe Driver

c. Vibration Transmitters | Cảm biến rung Metrix

  • MX2034 4-20 mA Transmitter

d. Cáp Metrix Vibration

  • MX8031 Extension Cables
  • MX2031 Cable Series  : Extension cable available in 4, 4.5, 8 and 8.5 meters.
  • 3000 Series Cable : Extension cable available in system lengths of 15 or 20 feet.
  • 7200 Series Cable (5 & 8 mm) : Extension cable available in 4, 4.5, 8 and 8.5 meters.
  • 7200 Series Cable (11mm) : Extension cable available in 4, 4.5, 8 and 8.5 meters.

e. Bộ điều khiển Drive Metrix

  • 5510C Signal Conditioners : Use with Probe Driver for Shaft Radial Vibration.
  • 5516C Signal Conditioners : Use with Probe Driver for Axial Position.

2. Seismic vibration instrument

a. Cảm biến Metrix Vibration | Cảm biến rung Metrix

  • SA6200A API 670 Accelerometer
  • SA6200UW Underwater Accelerometer
  • SA6250 High-Freq Accelerometer
  • SA6350 High Temp. Accelerometer
  • SV6300 Piezo-Velocity Sensor
  • 5485C High Temp. Velocity Sensor
  • SA6210 Low-Profile Accelerometer
  • SA6200 Accelerometer

b Bộ chuyển đổi tín hiệu 4-20mA Metrix

Seismic transmitters provide a 4-20mA DC signal output

  • ST5484E Velocity Transmitter
  • ST5491E Indicating
  • ST6900 Compact Series
  • IT6810 Impact
  • IT6811 Impact
  • IT6812 Impact
  • 162VTS Slim

3. Switches Metrix

Electronic and mechanical vibration switches for overall vibration monitoring and trending without the necessity of complex systems. Models available with Hazardous Area Ratings and explosion-proof housing. Our state-of-the-art electronic switches are programmable to suit user needs.

a. Công tắc điện Metrix

Our electronic switches offer single or dual setpoints, adjustable time delays, external setpoint adjustments and more

  • ST5484E-SW Compact Configurable Vibration Switch
  • 440 Economical Switch
  • 450 Economical Switch
  • SW6000 EP Switch w/internal source
  • SM6100 EP Switch w/external source
  • 5477B Two-Wire Solid State Switch
  • PRO 440, 450 & 6000 Switch Family

b Công tắc cơ Metrix

  • 5550 / 5550G Vibration Switch

4. Hardy Shaker

The Hardy Shaker ensures that the Seismic Sensors and Transmitters that you have installed are working properly and giving you the results you need.  Just like the pressure and flow instruments in your facility need calibration checks every year, so do your Seismic Sensors and Transmitters.  This system puts the calibration check of those Seismic Sensors and Transmitters within your control, and within your budget

5. Portable | Máy đo độ rung cầm tay Metrix

Simple to operate and are ideal for obtaining spot measurements. Features accurate, piezo-electric accelerometer sensor, LCD read-out in acceleration, velocity and displacement and true RMS velocity response.

  • 5500 Portable Vibration Meter
  • VM2800 & VM3800 Vibra-Check
  • 6850-001 Impact Meter

6. Bộ hiển thị Metrix

a. DATAWATCH IX Monitor/Recorder

This compact device that can be held in the palm of your hand and has a vivid display.  It comes standard with four (4) isolated channels, and has the option to handle eight (8) non-isolated channels.  If you need more channels, you can put units next to each other.  It is made to handle any 4 to 20 mA input, and is perfect for the Metrix ST6911 Acceleration and ST6917 Velocity Transmitters.

b. AM3030 Single Channel Alarm Monitor

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