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Nhà phân phối Metrix Việt Nam
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Cảm biến rung

TMP Vietnam - Nhà cung cấp cảm biến Metrix chính hãng - uy tín- chất lượng tại Việt Nam

Đại lý phân phối Metrix Việt Nam | Metrix Vietnam

Cảm biến Metrix | Cảm biến rung Metrix Vibration

Seismic sensors provide a dynamic AC signal output in mV/g or mV/in/sec.  Devices with this type of output are generally intended for connection to a stand-alone vibration monitoring system rather than general automation and control instrumentation like a PLC or DCS.  Metrix offers seismic sensors with a wide variety operating temperatures, frequency responses, scale factors, case materials, connector types, mounting options, and hazardous area approvals.

a. Cảm biến rung SA6200A Metrix Việt Nam

SA6200A API 670 Requirement
Case Material 316 SS 316 SS
Freq Response (+/- 3dB) 0.5 Hz - 10 kHz 10 Hz - 10 kHz
Noise Floor 0.003 g rms 0.004 g rms
Mounted Resonance 13 kHz N/A
Hazardous Area Certifcations CSA, ATEX N/A

Product Aprox. Weight: 91 g

b. Cảm biến rung SA6200UW Metrix

The Metrix SA6200UW Underwater Accelerometer is designed for applications that are continuously or frequently exposed to very high levels of condensing humidity, such as cooling tower structures.  It features a molded integral cable and an IP68 rating, suitable for continuous submersion.

Product Aprox. Weight: 4 g

Model : SA6200UW Metrix

c. Cảm biến rung SA6250 Metrix | High-Freq Accelerometer

The SA6250 uses a built-in amplifier to provides a 100mV/g low-impedance, constant-current output that is compatible with vibration monitoring systems, electronic switches, and 4-20mA signal conditioners.

Model: SA6250 Metrix

d. Cảm biến rung SA6350 Metrix | High Temp. Accelerometer

The Metrix SA6350 High-Temperature Accelerometer is suitable for use in temperatures up to 325C.  It is designed for gas turbines and other machinery with high surface temperatures where an acceleration* signal is desired

e. Cảm biến tốc độ SV6300 Metrix | Piezo-Velocity Sensor

The Metrix SV6300 Piezo-Velocity Sensor is similar to our SA6200A accelerometer, but provides a velocity rather than acceleration output.  The solid-state design has no moving parts to wear out and may be mounted in any axis, unlike many moving-coil devices.  It is also less sensitive to the cross-axis vibration that can be especially damaging to moving-coil devices.

f. Cảm biến tốc độ 5485C Metrix | High Temp. Velocity Sensor

g. SA6210 Low-Profile Accelerometer

h. SA6200 Accelerometer

Metrix Vietnam

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