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Cảm biến từ IPF-Electronic Việt Nam

Đại lý IPF Electronic Việt Nam | IPF-Electronic Vietnam

MV56A199 IPF-Electronic - Cảm biến từ IPF-Electronic model MV56A199

amplifier MV991425 | Bộ khuếch đại tín hiệu IPF-Electronic

For length measurement, rotational speed or angle measurement, magnetic measuring systems are used. These systems operate in a way that the sensor moves without contact over a flexible magnetic tape, or it is situated above the rotating magnetized measuring wheel. The magnetic tape is applied to a 0.3mm thick steel strip and is located on the circumference of the various measuring wheels. The magnetization is carried out with defined pole pitches. By scanning of the magnetic poles an analog signal is generated, which is converted into digital square wave signals that can be processed by a downstream electronics and, if necessary, be displayed. The sensor detects the pitch of the strip and converts the information into a high-resolution path or rotation information. To read out the magnetic lines no direct contact is required. Magnetic sensors are insensitive to dirt, oils and moisture and relatively stable at shock and vibration. For users, this opens up a wide field of applications, e.g. for plants and systems in the timber industry, at linear axes, in outdoor areas or with machine tools.

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Mechanical features

Mounting method : Floor fastening
Height : 19.3mm
Length : 115mm
Housing design : Cuboid
Width : 55mm
Depth : 115mm
Housing material : Metal
Device design : Field device

Electrical features

Number of channels : 1
Suitable for safety functions : no
Type of electrical connection : Plug-in connection
Number of output circuits, transistor npn : 1
Rated supply voltage at DC : 24 - 24V
Galvanic isolation between input and output : no
Galvanic isolation between supply voltage and all other current circuits : no
Malfunction message output : yes
No-load current : 70mA
Switching voltage DC : 24V
Type of voltage supply : Active
Switching voltage : 24V
Type of switching function :Push-pull
Number of output circuits, transistor pnp : 1
Inherently safe according to EN 60947-5-6 NAMUR : no
Galvanic isolation between inputs : no
With communication interface, RS-422 : yes
Reverse polarity protection : yes
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