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CEMB VIETNAM | Nhà phân phối CEMB

Cảm biến rung CEMB

4-20 mA Vibration Transmitters

1. Cảm biến rung TR-26 CEMB

Absolute vibration transmitter

The integrated transmitter TR-26 measures the absolute vibrations of any rotating machine support

The transmitter, secured directly on machinery, generates an electric signal (4÷20 mA) which is proportional respectively to vibration velocity or acceleration.

The transmitter is made of an AISI 316L body with machine connection thread; the connection to the acquisition system is effected by means of a MIL-C-5015-2 poles connector.

2. Cảm biến rung TR-27 CEMB

Composition AISI 316L stainless steel integrated transmitter body
Power supply 24 Vdc (10 ÷ 35 Vdc) current loop 4 ÷ 20 mA (2 wires)
External connections Standard: PVC shielded cable with nickel-plated brass cable gland
Special: EFTE shielded and armoured cable, with AISI 316L steel cable gland
Transmitter - 60°C ÷ + 120°C
IP 68 (submersible depth 70 mt)
Environmental Standard cable: - 20°C ÷ + 80°C
Special cable: - 60°C ÷ + 150°C - resistance UV
Measure type Omnidirectional seismic (absolute vibration)
Dynamic field ± 18 g
Transverse sensitivity < 5 %
Linearity ± 2% - 75 Hz
Dynamic performances ±3% / 10Hz-1kHz - see Figure 2
-3db / 1,5Hz - 2kHz
Insulation ≥10⁸ Ω between signal and case
Application axis Any
Standard machine connection thread M8x1,25

3. Cảm biến rung TR-I CEMB

Explosion-proof vibration transmitter

The integrated transmitter TR-I measures the absolute vibrations of any rotating machine support and it is able to interface directly in 2 wires technique (current loop 4 ÷ 20 mA) to an acquisition system. The Signal is proportional to vibration velocity or acceleration.

TR-I-ATEX is made of a stainless steel body AISI 316L with machine connection thread and it is supplied with a die-casted aluminium case for the terminal board with ¾” NPT female thread.

4. Cảm biến rung TR-NC/8

Relative or axial displacement vibration transmitter

TR-NC/8 transmitter (composed of sensor, extension cable, transmitter) for dynamics vibration measure and static displacement (relative vibration)

The transducer is composed of an ST-NC/8 proximity sensor, a CPT-NC/8 extension cable and a T-NC-8/API converter.

Model : TR-26 cemb, TR-27 cemb, TR-I cemb, TR-NC/8 cemb

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