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Beckhoff Viet nam | Nhà cung cấp Beckhoff tại Việt Nam

CP67xx | Built-in Panel PC

The compact built-in Industrial PC

The CP67xx built-in Panel PC series is designed for installation in the front of a control cabinet or control housing. The CP67xx series combines the Beckhoff Control Panel design with state-of-the-art Industrial PC technology. The right display size and keyboard are available for every application.

With their highly integrated 3½-inch motherboard the CP67xx built-in Industrial PCs represent a high-performance platform for machine construction and plant engineering applications running the TwinCAT automation software under Windows Embedded Compact Standard 7, Windows Embedded Standard 7, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows 10 IoT Enterprise. The PC can be equipped with a 5.7-, 12-, 15- or 19-inch LC display, or as a monitor without keys or with different types of keyboard. Optionally, a touch screen or touch pad is available. In addition, a large number of push-button extensions are available.

A CP67xx Panel PC is equipped with an Intel® Celeron® ULV 1.4 GHz or with Intel® Atom™ with up to four cores and a CFast card. It contains no rotating parts. In each configuration the fanless Panel PCs of this series are approved for ambient temperatures between 0 and 55 °C.

The CP67xx Panel PCs are supplied with a CFast card and a 2½-inch hard disk or SSD. The CP67xx have a 24 V power supply unit. The data media and the lithium battery for the system clock are accessible from the rear.

Due to its two independent Ethernet interfaces, the CP67xx is ideally suited as a compact central processing unit for an EtherCAT control system.

Variants Processor available
CP67xx-xxxx-0060 Intel® Atom™, 2 Cores (TC3: 40*) or
Intel® Atom™, 4 Cores (TC3: 50*)
February 2020
CP67xx-xxxx-0050 Intel® Atom™, 1 Core (TC3: 40*),
Intel® Atom™, 2 Cores (TC3: 40*) or
Intel® Atom™, 4 Cores (TC3: 50*)
CP67xx-xxxx-0040 Intel® Celeron® ULV (TC3: 50*) yes, but not recommended for new projects

Model : CP67xx-xxxx-0060 Beckhoff, CP67xx-xxxx-0050 Beckhoff, CP67xx-xxxx-0040 Beckhoff

Ordering information without touch screen with single-touch screen with touch pad
Display only
5.7-inch display 640 x 480 CP6707-0000-0050 or -0060 CP6707-0001-0050 or -0060
12-inch display 800 x 600 CP6701-0000-00xx CP6701-0001-00xx
15-inch display 1024 x 768 CP6702-0000-00xx CP6702-0001-00xx
19-inch display 1280 x 1024 CP6703-0000-00xx CP6703-0001-00xx
Display only, USB A socket in the front
12-inch display 800 x 600 CP6701-0020-00xx CP6701-0021-00xx
15-inch display 1024 x 768 CP6702-0020-00xx CP6702-0021-00xx
19-inch display 1280 x 1024 CP6703-0020-00xx CP6703-0021-00xx
With function keys
12-inch display 800 x 600 CP6711-0000-00xx CP6711-0001-00xx
15-inch display 1024 x 768 CP6712-0000-00xx CP6712-0001-00xx
19-inch display 1280 x 1024 CP6713-0000-00xx CP6713-0001-00xx
Numeric keyboard
12-inch display 800 x 600 CP6721-0000-00xx CP6721-0001-00xx CP6721-0002-00xx
15-inch display 1024 x 768 CP6722-0000-00xx CP6722-0001-00xx CP6722-0002-00xx
19-inch display 1280 x 1024 CP6723-0000-00xx CP6723-0001-00xx CP6723-0002-00xx
Alphanumeric keyboard
12-inch display 800 x 600 CP6731-0000-00xx CP6731-0001-00xx CP6731-0002-00xx
15-inch display 1024 x 768 CP6732-0000-00xx CP6732-0001-00xx CP6732-0002-00xx
19-inch display 1280 x 1024 CP6733-0000-00xx CP6733-0001-00xx CP6733-0002-00xx
Alphanumeric keyboard with PLC keys on the sides
15-inch display 1024 x 768 CP6742-0000-00xx CP6742-0001-00xx
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