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Quạt EBMpapst 

The axial fan: One principle, countless options

Axial fans

The axial fan, the function of which is similar to a propeller, moves the air axially, parallel to the revolving motor shaft. The ebm-papst external rotor motor is integrated directly into the axial impeller, forming a compact axial fan unit. Moreover, using GreenTech EC motors also enables precision control of the air flow – they are available with tacho output, linear or PWM input, bus-connectable interfaces and many other features. They are usually installed with wall rings in short or long bell mouths.

A3G300-AK13-01 A4D500-AM03-01 S3G630-AP70-21 W3G450-CO02-32
A3G300-AK13-03 A4D500-AM03-35 S3G630-AQ37-21 W3G500-DM56-35
A3G300-AL11-01 A4D560-AR03-03 S3G630-AR85-01 W3G500-GD01-51
A3G300-AL11-03 A4D630-AF03-03 S3G630-AS21-01 W3G500-GF48-51
A3G300-AN02-01 A4D630-AH01-01 S3G630-AU23-01 W3G500-GM56-21
A3G300-AN02-03 A4D630-AR01-01 S3G710-AO81-01 W3G500-GN33-01
A3G300-AU03-H6 A4D710-AF01-01 S3G710-AO85-21 W3G500-KD59-03
A3G350-AG03-01 A4E300-AS72-01 S3G710-AS30-01 W3G500-KM03-I1
A3G350-AG03-03 A4E350-AN02-01 S3G710-AU21-01 W3G560-DP68-35
A3G350-AN01-01 A4E450-AO09-01 S3G800-BN36-21 W3G560-GP68-21
A3G350-AN01-03 A4E450-AU03-01 S3G800-BO81-21 W3G560-GQ41-01
A3G350-BK06-G6 A4E500-AM03-01 S3G800-BO84-01 W3G630-DQ37-35
A3G400-AC22-51 A4E500-AM03-35 S3G800-BT21-01 W3G630-DU23-35
A3G400-AN04-01 A4E560-AQ01-01 S3G800-BU25-01 W3G630-GC52-51
A3G400-AN04-03 A6D500-AJ03-01 S3G800-BV01-01 W3G630-GQ37-21
A3G400-BK08-H6 A6D630-AN01-01 S3G910-BO83-01 W3G630-GR85-01
A3G450-AC28-51 A6D630-AN01-35 S3G910-BO84-21 W3G630-GS21-01
A3G450-AO02-01 A6D710-AH01-01 S3G910-BS22-01 W3G630-GU23-01
A3G450-BL03-H6 A6D710-AQ01-01 S3G910-BU22-01 W3G630-GU29-11
A3G500-AD01-51 A6D710-AQ01-35 S3G910-BV02-01 W3G710-DU21-35
A3G500-AD01-58 A6D800-AD01-01 S3G910-KV12-03 W3G710-GN48-21
A3G500-AF48-51 A6D800-AD01-35 S3G990-BW22-01 W3G710-GO81-01
A3G500-AF48-58 A6D800-AE05-03 S3G990-BY28-01 W3G710-GO85-21
A3G500-AM56-21 A6D910-AA01-01 S3G990-BZ02-01 W3G710-GS30-01
A3G500-AM56-23 A6D910-AB01-35 S4D300-AS34-37 W3G710-GU21-01
A3G500-AM56-35 A6D910-AI01-35 S4D300-AS34-50 W3G710-GU30-11
A3G500-AN33-01 A6E350-AN24-01 S4D350-AN08-30 W3G800-DO81-35
A3G500-AN33-03 A6E400-AN24-01 S4D350-AN08-50 W3G800-DT21-35
A3G560-AP68-21 A6E450-AU04-01 S4D400-AP12-03 W3G800-GM67-21
A3G560-AP68-23 A6E500-AJ03-01 S4D450-AO14-01 W3G800-GN36-21
A3G560-AP68-35 A6E560-AK01-01 S4D450-AU01-01 W3G800-GO81-21
A3G560-AQ41-01 A6E630-AN01-01 S4D500-AJ03-01 W3G800-GO84-01
A3G560-AQ41-03 A6E710-AR03-01 S4D500-AM03-01 W3G800-GT21-01
A3G630-AC52-51 A8D630-AN01-01 S4D630-AD01-01 W3G800-GU24-11
A3G630-AC52-58 A8D800-AD01-01 S4D630-AR01-01 W3G800-GU25-01
A3G630-AD03-A8 A8D800-AD05-03 S4D710-AF01-01 W3G800-GV01-01
A3G630-AP70-23 A8D910-AD03-01 S4E350-AN02-30 W3G800-GV10-11
A3G630-AQ37-21 A8E500-AJ03-01 S4E350-AN02-50 W3G800-KE57-51
A3G630-AQ37-23 BG2012 S4E450-AO09-01 W3G800-LU21-03
A3G630-AQ37-35 S1G200-CA91-02 S4E450-AU03-01 W3G910-DO84-35
A3G630-AR85-01 S1G200-CA95-02 S4E500-AM03-01 W3G910-DV02-35
A3G630-AS21-01 S1G300-CA19-02 S4E560-AQ01-01 W3G910-GO83-01
A3G630-AU23-01 S1G300-CA23-02 S6D500-AJ03-01 W3G910-GO84-21
A3G630-AU23-35 S2D300-AP02-50 S6D630-AN01-01 W3G910-GS22-01
A3G710-AN48-23 S2E300-AP02-50 S6D710-AQ01-01 W3G910-GU22-01
A3G710-AO81-01 S3G300-AK13-30 S6E350-AN24-30 W3G910-GU31-11
A3G710-AO81-03 S3G300-AK13-32 S6E350-AN24-50 W3G910-GV02-01
A3G710-AO85-21 S3G300-AK13-50 S6E400-AN24-30 W3G910-GV06-11
A3G710-AO85-23 S3G300-AK13-52 S6E450-AP02-01 W3G990-DW30-55
A3G710-AO85-35 S3G300-AL11-32 S6E450-AU04-01 W3G990-DZ02-35
A3G710-AS30-01 S3G300-AL11-50 S6E500-AJ03-01 W3G990-GW22-01
A3G710-AU21-01 S3G300-AL11-51 S6E560-AN01-01 W3G990-GY28-01
A3G710-AU21-35 S3G300-AL11-52 S6E630-AN01-01 W3G990-GY32-11
A3G800-AM67-23 S3G300-AN02-30 S6E710-AR03-01 W3G990-GZ02-01
A3G800-AN36-23 S3G300-AN02-32 S8D630-AN01-01 W3G990-IC12-05
A3G800-AO81-21 S3G300-AN02-50 S8D910-CD03-01 W3GZ50-CB02-35
A3G800-AO81-35 S3G300-AN02-52 S8E500-AJ03-01 W3GZ50-FB02-01
A3G800-AO84-01 S3G350-AG03-32 W1G172-EC91-01 W3GZ50-FC04-01
A3G800-AO84-03 S3G350-AG03-52 W1G172-EC95-01 W4D300-CS34-30
A3G800-AT21-01 S3G350-AN01-30 W1G200-EC87-25 W4D350-CN08-30
A3G800-AT21-35 S3G350-AN01-32 W1G200-EC91-27 W4D450-CO14-01
A3G800-AU25-01 S3G350-AN01-50 W1G200-EC91-45 W4D450-CU01-01
A3G800-AV01-01 S3G350-AN01-52 W1G200-EC95-47 W4D500-GJ03-01
A3G910-AN46-23 S3G400-AN04-30 W1G200-EF01-01 W4D500-GM03-10
A3G910-AO83-01 S3G400-AN04-32 W1G200-EF41-01 W4D630-GH01-01
A3G910-AO83-03 S3G400-AN04-50 W1G230-EB89-01 W4D710-GF01-01
A3G910-AO84-35 S3G400-AN04-52 W1G230-EB97-01 W4E350-CN02-30
A3G910-AS22-01 S3G400-LC22-51 W1G250-BB17-01 W4E450-CO09-01
A3G910-AU22-01 S3G400-LC22-59 W1G250-BB21-01 W4E450-CU03-01
A3G910-AV02-01 S3G450-AO02-30 W1G300-BB23-01 W4E500-GM03-01
A3G910-AV02-35 S3G450-AO02-32 W3G300-CK13-32 W4E560-GQ01-01
A3G990-AW22-01 S3G450-AO02-50 W3G300-CL11-32 W6D500-GJ03-01
A3G990-AW30-55 S3G450-AO02-52 W3G300-CN02-30 W6D710-GH01-01
A3G990-AY28-01 S3G450-LC28-51 W3G300-CN02-32 W6D800-GD01-01
A3G990-AZ02-01 S3G450-LC28-59 W3G300-WK13-30 W6E350-CN24-30
A3G990-AZ02-35 S3G500-AD01-51 W3G350-CG03-30 W6E400-CN24-30
A3GZ50-AK07-55 S3G500-AF48-51 W3G350-CG03-32 W6E450-CU04-01
A3GZ50-AK15-35 S3G500-AM56-21 W3G350-CN01-30 W6E500-GJ03-01
A4D300-AS34-01 S3G500-AN33-01 W3G350-CN01-32 W6E560-GK01-01
A4D350-AN08-01 S3G500-AN33-02 W3G400-CC22-51 W6E630-GN01-01
A4D450-AO14-01 S3G560-AP68-21 W3G400-CN04-30 W6E710-GR03-01
A4D450-AU01-01 S3G560-AQ41-01 W3G400-CN04-32 W8D630-GN01-01
A4D500-AJ03-01 S3G630-AC52-51 W3G450-CC28-51 W8D800-GD01-01
A4D500-AM01-03 S3G630-AD03-A1 W3G450-CO02-30 W8D910-GD03-01

Quạt công nghiệp Ebmpapst 

  • Compact dimensions
  • Available in GreenTech EC technology or AC technology
  • Wide selection of models, dimensions and air performance levels
  • Optimum efficiency and noise level due to well-engineered aerodynamic design of the fan blades
  • High-efficiency, energy saving designs in GreenTech EC technology with standardised integration of control functions and sensor signals
  • Wide range of accessories, including guard grilles, basket guard grilles and wall rings
  • The axial fan is dynamically balanced in two planes to DIN ISO 1940
  • Numerous approvals, including VDE, UL, CSA, CE and GOST
  • Applications: Ventilation, air-conditioning and refrigeration technology, automotive industry, wind power and mechanical engineering/finishing equipment industry
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