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C6030-0060 Beckhoff

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Beckhoff Vietnam |  Nhà cung cấp Beckhoff Vietnam

C6030 | Ultra-compact Industrial PC

At the end of 2016, Beckhoff has already paved the way for a new generation of Industrial PCs with its ultra-compact C6015 control cabinet Industrial PC. Such traditional Beckhoff IPC features as long-term availability, robustness, flexibility and performance were combined with a unique universal installation concept, an extremely compact design, a contemporary look-and-feel and an attractive price point.

Motivated by the success of the C6015, particularly in the area of IoT and Industrie 4.0 applications, Beckhoff has expanded its portfolio of ultra-compact control cabinet Industrial PCs with the addition of the C6030.

Through consistent integration of the Intel® Core™ i-series processors of the sixth and seventh Generation, the C6030 is directly advancing into the field of highly complex and performance-hungry applications. Whether it is extensive axis control or demanding HMI applications, extremely short cycle times or large-volume data handling, with processing power ranging up to Core™ i7 CPUs with 4 cores of 3.6 GHz each, the device is able to accommodate almost any automation and visualisation task. This level of computing power in such a compact form factor remains currently unrivalled in the industrial environment.

Both the new ultra-compact motherboard and the housing, which is made of die-cast zinc and aluminium, have been newly developed in line with the high standards Beckhoff is known for, such as industrial suitability, manufacturing Made in Germany, reliability and premium look-and-feel.

With integrated multi-core support, the C6030 can be used simultaneously for high-performance automation, visualisation and communication. Its flexible mounting options with virtually free orientation of the PC's position allow a wide range of installation scenarios even in the most confined spaces.

Through the use of an extremely durable, speed-monitored and controlled fan, the C6030 is suitable for a temperature range of up to +55 °C, depending on the CPU. With a size of only 129 x 133 x 76 mm, it is twice as compact as the previously smallest C6930 IPCs. In addition, the C6030 scores points with price savings, making it the most cost-effective Core™ i-series PC offered by Beckhoff to date.

Equipped with a storage capacity of 40 GB M.2-SSD, 3D Flash, it is fully functional in its basic configuration. Options include Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating systems and a second M.2 SSD in a RAID network. With a choice of 8 different CPU types, the C6030 can be perfectly matched to individual application requirements.

TwinCAT 3, the latest version of the Beckhoff automation software suite developed especially for multi-core processors, can use the two- and four-core processors of this Industrial PC generation in the same way as the predecessor TwinCAT 2 with its single-core support. The C6030-0060 Industrial PC revolutionises the already extremely successful C69xx series Industrial PCs for control cabinet installation and adds a more powerful new version to the ultra-compact C6015 Industrial PC.

Variants Processor available
C6030-0060 Intel® Celeron® G3900 2.8 GHz, 2 cores (TC3: 50) yes

Model : C6030-0060 Beckhoff

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